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Hello! This is a page to help you with the Staff Application, Staff Application form link, and to give some extra information!

1. Must be 16 or older.
2. Must have 48+ hours of playtime (or ranked Experienced). To check, do /ar check.
3. Must have Discord.
4. Must have a way to record (such as OBS).
5. Be able to load at least one mod pack that we host.
6. Must be active on all websites provided, this includes the forums and other websites provided with login access.
7. Cannot be a staff member on other servers.

To have the best chance of becoming a staff member, please answer the questions in complete detail. The longer the better. If you think you're supposed to have a long answer, do NOT use a short answer.

Staff Application:

The application can change at ANY time!
Not open for further replies.