[READ] Be Aware When Playing On The Modded Servers

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Everything in this list may not apply to every server, but still be cautious!

1. Soulbound on some servers do not work and you WILL lose your items.
2. People can access and steal items from a Big Reactors Access Port, Big Reactors Controller, Armor Stands and JABBA Barrels.
3. Do NOT put ME Storage Cells into ANY type of bag and not in a dolly holding a chest! (Currently the only safe way is to put the cells into a Draconic Chest). We will NOT refund any items back but will fix your character so you can continue to play.
4. Clear Lag currently picks up Airships (we cannot get the items back)!
5. Do NOT TP out of the Vethea dimension in any way or you will loose all of your items (we cannot get the items back).
6. Soulbound might not always work and you can loose your items or inventory.
7. ONLY worlds with keep inventory is the Overworld, The End, Nether, Mining World (If the server has it).
8. Anything AM2 playerdata wise, such as levels may get reset randomly (we cannot get the stats back).
9. If an ME system is split into different chunks, chances are that some parts of your ME system will break and you will lose your items (we cannot get the items back).
10. It is HIGHLY recommended that you do not bring anything important to the Spirit World. You may lose your stuff and you will never get it back.

To keep you all from questioning, we cannot give back anything that has to do with bugs, clearlag, and specific corruption, like the Venthea dimension inventory situation. The only things we will try to get back for you when it comes to bugs or other players, is if your inventory got corrupted (Ex: ME Storage Cells in bags will crash you and not let you join the server) with allowing us to still view your inventory (if we cant open your inventory we cannot get it back), someone stole from you (with proof of items from our log system), and no grave was spawned when you died (with proof). We will no longer try to get proof from past backups as it is not a credible source of proof. If you have any more questions, please ask.

More to be added.
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