CrundeeCraft Reset! (Jul)

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We are performing a reset on the CrundeeCraft server NOW (7/9/19). We are making changes to multiple things on the server! Most of the changes will be updated on the AT announcement below!

As a reminder on some of the things we are changing/adding:

  • MCA coming back
  • Buffs to ALL crates
  • An additional crate
  • Voting system changes (will apply to AT as well)
  • Items getting unbanned
  • Better claiming system
  • Better Support
  • And more!
Please be patient as times are getting crunched in a such short amount of time. The server is expected to be up within 3+ weeks but we will try our best to get the server up ASAP! If you are still wanting to play on our network, you can play on our Augmented Triad server @ You can also join our Discord channel HERE for ALL updates!

[EDIT]: It has obviously been longer than 3 weeks. As of 8/30/19, we want it to be up within the next week, if not a couple of days.
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