[CLOSED] Staff Application


New Member
Minecraft Username: Vladimirr_Lenin

Discord Username
: Tora_Kill#7545

: 16

: Eastern time

Servers I Play On
: CrundeeCraft Mainly, Augmented Triad (Not Recently)

Hours Logged
: I have Veteran rank and I got it many months ago before reset I have hundreds of hours.

Recording Software: I do have OBS I have used it briefly in the past.

Discord Activity: I have it on my phone and computer and its always open.

Bans: I have played CrundeeCraft for many many years and I may have been banned for a day in months past but it wasn't significant and It might not have even been a ban.

Reasons For Applying: I play Crundee several times a week and have played consistently for a long time and many staff aren't around while I'm online and would like to improve the attendance of the staff as well as making the server better with creative innovative ideas.

Moderation Experience: In years past long ago I did have helper on a server with roughly the same amount of people as RupticMC but it was closed due to little funding and absent owner. I have co-owned server 50/50 with someone at one point and it had around 20 players and averaged 3-5 daily for a while before I closed it due to personal reasons although this was years ago.

Availability: I can be on the server from 2-7 times a week depending on schedule but I am attentive and will show my attendance on the server if I happen to be accepted

Conflict and Resolution: I myself can get into some troubles as everyone makes mistakes but I always find a resolution such as recently I failed a test that was critical to my grade but with reasoning, I worked out a solution to do an essay and stay after class to help with setting up and cleaning the lab. I find myself helping people's problems by bringing the initial problem back to the way it was before the incident then taking steps to find a compromise that works with both of the people arguing.

Main Goal As Staff Member: I would like to make the server more exciting so there's never a dull moment so everyone can continuously have fun and play along nicely.

Plugins: When I owned my own server I found myself using many plugins and figuring out how they worked and made them blend well but since years past I do forget how to use and many of them I am familiar with Bukkit briefly as well as Land Claim and Economy although I will need a refresher which I can easily do as I go.

Benefitting RupticMC: Sometimes I may be brash but I can also be very formal which is the tone I would like to bring to the server by making it fun and non-toxic to the players making it a good experience as it is to keep the players playing and interested.

Multiple Choice: 1. B 2. A 3. B

Things To Know About Me: I'm very outgoing and love to be loyal to one thing as I have been the server. I respect the people who clearly deserve respect and am really passionate about the topics I take seriously. I have a very good sense of judgement and am kind and respectful when I'm given responsibility.
- I'd love to join the team.