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Recognizing that this website is new, a work in progress, and that running a server is a hard and largely thankless undertaking, I suggest that some additional sections are need within the website forums. Specifically Help and General Discussion threads. True, the website is largely inactive. Still, people do come here, especially when there are problems.

I came here looking for the help section because of an in game issue. Since there is no help thread to post in, I have posted here in the most appropriate location I could find. Please consider the following to be the first post in the new Help section:

I, Apple_Dan visited player Thanos yesterday to see the grief he had experienced and offer help with a possible move of his base. The area was extremely laggy. Ultimately and I ended up crashing out. After trying to log in twice more, I concluded that every time I attempted to do so, I caused the server to crash. I left for the day and hoped that the problem would resolve itself overnight. Today, I tried twice more again resulting in two more server crashes. I will make no further pointless attempts until I have some kind of contact with and action by staff to resolve the situation. Resetting my Apple_Dan may be the only option. Though, I am hopping for a non inventory clearing option. I logged in with an alternate character (renegc) for the first time only to seek staff aid. I will check here and in game (as renege) for staff help. Following that the alternate character renege will not be on the server as I am aware it violates the rules.

Thank you for your assistance and for what is clearly the best CC server out there,

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I will soon create some more areas to post to for help and such, thank you very much for the suggestion! As for CC, you should hopefully be able to join as I have replaced the regions with a backup, if it continues to not work, please let me know. For much faster help, I highly suggest you join our Discord for ALL updates and better support. Here is the link: Discord

Sorry for the super late response.