Chaotic Crusade & More

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Chaotic Crusade is now LIVE
Yes, it is official! Chaotic Crusade is live (finally)!

IP Address:
Download Pack
HERE or search on the CurseForge Launcher!
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There has been a lot of stuff that has been changed in the backend of things but there will be way more features to come!

Some big changes:
- 1.7.10 servers have been shut down
- Our very own mod pack, Chaotic Crusade is live
- now goes to
- Crate Rewards (specifically the Vote Crate)
- 1.12 DUH!

Some future changes:
- Eggs; allows you to walk with egg in hand to hatch for rewards!
- Custom Main Menu on Chaotic Crusade pack
- Season Pass? (Who knows)
- Money per mob kill
- Monthly Lottery Ticket
- Challenges & Quests
- Different types of announcements
- PlayerWorlds
- New playtime rank (half-implemented)
- and much more!

Lets talk about crates...
- From Rare to Legend, it is more like an upgrade as the tiers go up. View crates in-game to see.
- Vote crate will now have more enticing rewards! Like commands, prefixes, OP enchanted items, and etc.
- Better animations have been added (and maybe another amazing crate in the future).

There should be more to talk about but I am just lost for wor-



Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.