Augmented Triad Reset & More! (Jan)

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We will be performing a reset on the Augmented Triad server this weekend starting between the 25th and the 26th of January. We will also be making many other changes over time:

Augmented Triad Fixes/Changes/Additions:
All Crate Changes [DONE]
Better Shop Items [Over time (this can take forever)]
RFTools Added [DONE]
Progression in ProjectE [DONE]
Recipe for Green Heart Canister [DONE]

Both Servers Fixes/Changes/Additions:
Buffs to Vote Crate [AT: DONE CC: DONE]
Fixed /sethomes for ranks Newbie through Veteran [EDIT: Can't be done unless fixed by new rank system]
Add Developer, Builder, Sr.Mod, Sr.Admin, Helper+, YouTube, and Twitch Ranks [DONE]
Edit Rank Colors (maybe) [Unsure when]
More Crates [AT: Semi-Done CC:Semi-Done]
Linked play time accumulation on both servers. [DONE]
Linked server ranks (would link to all future servers) [DONE]
More abilities/rewards to Trusted through Veteran ranks [DONE]
New ban user plugin (links to all servers including future servers) [DONE]
Better claiming plugin [DONE]
Better ban item plugin [Semi-Done]
Vote Parties [DONE]
Better Tablist [DONE]
Bungeecord Voting [Soon]
MCA Added Back [DONE]
Working AutoRank Plugin [Semi-Done]

General Additions:
Hub Server [DONE]
Staff Applications website page [In Forums]
Bans website page [DONE]
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