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Hello! I don't see any examples or other posts, so I'm not totally sure as to how I should structure this, so I'll try to give as much information about my experience as I can. I am able to create both plugins and bots.

First off, I've had around 3-4 years of experience programming, as well as 2 years managing/setting up modded Minecraft servers with plugins (most without players though. I've never created and kept up a server for an extended amount of time, mostly due to a lack of good hosting hardware/budget.) This means that I have a lot of experience working with and configuring many different plugins, especially more common ones such as PEX and Essentials. As I see it though, most of this is unrelated to development, but I'm putting it in to try to better highlight my experience with Minecraft. In the next paragraph, I will highlight my experience developing plugins for Minecraft. I can also create mods, but I have less experience doing so and am more comfortable with creating plugins.

As for development, I've created a lot of different plugins, although most were smaller projects. I do though have a very large project which works to bridge together Minecraft and Discord chats. While the code isn't all Java, the total amount of lines of code in this project total around 1000. I will highlight some of the features in this project, to demonstrate what I am capable of doing. First, I am able to integrate with Discord, along with other plugins such as Vault, LuckPerms, and Essentials, although much more is possible. In addition to this, I can integrate any plugin with most online APIs. As an example of this, I could provide a command for a user to check their current time of where they live, by querying a service to get their approximate location from their IP Address, then getting time zone data from that and using it to get their current time, before returning it to them, but many other (and much more useful) plugins can be created.

Finally, I would like to discuss my non-Minecraft development skills. I have a lot of experience in Web Development (but not Web Design). I can create many different functional websites using HTML, JavaScript, and PHP, but I cannot design websites very well (make them look nice). Additionally, I have experience in both Java and C# making many different kinds of applications, but this isn’t all too important to the Developer role. What may be though is my experience creating Discord Bots. I can create almost any Discord Bot, from creating fun games to, as previously mentioned, complexly bridging together Minecraft and Discord chats.

I hope that I may be accepted as a Developer, and if I am, I can create many different programs, plugins, and bots. The link for the plugin I have mentioned is https://github.com/PintsizedSix40/DiscordBridge, and if you need me to create any sample plugins or bots, I will happily oblige.

EDIT: I've forgotten to include my connection to the server. I have over the required time to reach the Veteran rank, as well as the Super Rare rank.

EDIT: Sorry again, here is my Minecraft and Discord information:
Minecraft: PintsizedSix40
Discord: PintsizedSix40#5424

Also, I play on Augmented Triad.
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