1. AllAboutRuptic

    Builder Application Format

    Use copy and paste this format in your own thread and fill it out. Please give as much information as possible for higher chances for you to be picked! General Information: Minecraft username: Discord username & #: Age (must be 16+): Timezone: Have 48+ hours of playtime (or have rank...
  2. AllAboutRuptic

    YouTube Rank Application Format

    Hello! This is the format for you to copy and paste and post your own thread with this filled out about you! If you are filling this out and wanting to get the YouTube Rank, please put as much detail as possible when answering questions! General Information: Minecraft username: Discord...
  3. AllAboutRuptic

    Staff Application Information

    Hello! This is a page to help you with the Staff Application, Staff Application form link, and to give some extra information! Requirements: 1. Must be 16 or older. 2. Must have 48+ hours of playtime (or ranked Experienced). To check, do /ar check. 3. Must have Discord. 4. Must have a way to...