1. Balthazaar_118

    [CLOSED] Crash Loop on Augmented

    Server (Ex: "AT", "Discord", "Website", etc): Augmented Triad In Game Name -AND/OR- Discord Username: Balthazaar_118 IGN and Hobbit#6016 Date & Time Of The Problem Occurring: 06/29/2021 11:22 PM AST People Involved (Please use usernames/IGNs): Myself Problem: was flying around and came into...
  2. Balthazaar_118

    Twitch Rank Application

    Minecraft username: Balthazaar_118 Discord username & # (if applicable): Hobbit#6016 Twitch Channel Name: balthazaar_118 Twitch Channel Link: Amount of Followers (Must have 1K+)?: 1343 Average Viewer Count (Must have 15+ concurrent viewers)?: 14 I am aware that I am 1 short of the concurrent...