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    General Information:
    • Minecraft username: PvM_Synister
    • Discord username & #: PvM_Synister#8987
    • Age (must be 16+): 23
    • Timezone: ET
    • List the server(s) and/or network(s) you mainly play on RupticMC: Augmented Triad
    • Have 48+ hours of playtime (or have rank Experienced)?: Rank Elite and Been on AT since 2017 (bought elite in December of 2017)
    • Have OBS (or other recording software)?: I use streamlabs OBS to stream on twitch (other games) so yes.
    More Information:
    • How active are you on Discord and do you have the app installed onto your computer and phone?: Very Active
    • Have you ever been banned from a server? If so, why?: No.
    • Why do you want to become a Helper for RupticMC?: I notice a lack of staff online and people always asking for staff and assistance on things, so I would like to be able to become staff so that during the times that I am on (when most staff is asleep or at work) I can be of assistance to others.
    • Do you have any past server moderation experience?: Not for minecraft. Other games, yes.
    • How often are you able to be on the server a week?: Typically about 3-4 hours each day and most of the weekends.
    • If you made a mistake, what did you do to fix it? (personal story, don't give out personal info): Typically I contact a staff member to address the situation as usually i have no access to commands or to crash logs to figure out what went wrong. However, most cases I fix the issue myself. The most recent mistake I made was a loop crash that i had to detail everything and voluntarily had my base and chunks around it for a faster solution.
    • What is your main goal of being a staff member for RupticMC?: To be around to help other people when they encounter issues on the server.
    • What is your experience with plugins? Please list the plugins you are most familiar with: I am comfortably familiar with world edit and have suitable knowledge with reading crash logs. A while back before reset in march I was asked to help code a plugin for (what I call) "Claim push" to knock untrusteds out of a claim if they enter it without trust. However, it was quickly side benched as a more suitable plugin was found.
    • How would you benefit RupticMC?: I feel I can bring more knowledge to the server as i have an extensive knowledge on most mods and have proven over and over again that I have said knowledge.
    Multiple Choice: (highlight or indent the letter you chose)

    1. If someone was spamming server IPs in the chat (first time doing so), what do you do?
    A. Permanently ban the user
    B. Mute the user for 2 months
    C. Mute the user for nearly a couple hours
    D. Leave the server
    2. If you had Owner rank & access to the console & files for example, and the server was crashing, what do you do? (Pick the correct order)
    A. 1. Turn whitelist on 2. Check crash report 3. Fix the crash
    B. 1. Fix the crash 2. Turn whitelist on 3. Check crash report
    C. 1. Check crash report 2. Fix the crash 3. Turn whitelist on
    3. If a player was claimed to be hacking, what do you do?

    A. Ban them immediately
    B. Watch them in /v (vanish)
    C. Ask them if they are hacking
    D. Tell the regular users on the server that that specific user is hacking

    • Anything else we need to know?: First application I put in, I was told by Owner to put another one in within a month as he wanted to watch and see how much experience I had. I feel I have proven myself enough to be able to confidently put another application in. I have been of assistance to Owner multiple times on crashes and reading crash logs and I believe that I am ready to step up and assume my role as Helper(or Helper+) and work my way up to Mod.
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    Sorry, but your application has been rejected.

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