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    AT Banned Items 1.7.10:

    Item Filter : Extra Utilities, Open Blocks
    Pointer : Open Blocks
    Item Cannon : Open Blocks
    Chunk Loader : MineFactory Reloaded
    ALL Anchors : Railcraft
    Carpenter's Safe : Carpenter's Blocks
    Poppet Shelf : Witchery
    Brew of Endless Water : Witchery
    Brew of Infection : Witchery
    Brew of Wasting : Witchery
    Brew of Hollow Tears : Witchery
    Brew of Cursed Leaping : Witchery
    Brew of Ink : Witchery
    Brew of Sprouting : Witchery
    Brew of Throns : Witchery
    Brew of Webs : Witchery
    Brew of Frogs Tongue : Witchery
    Brew of Frost : Witchery
    Brew of Raising : Witchery
    Brew of Erosion : Witchery
    ME Liquid Formation Plane : Extra Cells 2
    ME Liquid Annihilation Plane : Extra Cells 2
    Tiny TNT : Applied Energistics 2
    Market : Pam's HarvestCraft
    Nuke : Idustrial Craft 2
    Industrial TNT : Industrial Craft 2
    Normal Shot : Reliquary
    Nova Catalyst : Project E
    Nova Cataclysm : Project E
    Hyperkinetic Lens : Project E
    Catalytic Lens : Project E
    Blood TNT : Blood Arsenal
    Flamethrower : Mekanism
    Plasma Launcher : IC2
    Needlegun Ammo (Anvil) : MineFactory Reloaded
    Lightning Sigil : Blood Arsenal
    Unbound Crystal : Blood Magic
    Quarry : Ancient Warfare Automation
    Gem Chestplate : ProjectE
    Weather Controller : Draco Evo
    Cursor : Open Blocks
    Luggage : Open Blocks
    All Rubber Saplings (That Are Bigger Than Normal) : MineFactory Reloaded
    Ender Thermic Pump : Extra Utilities
    All Fire Stones
    Vacuum Chest : Ender IO
    All Block Breakers
    All Block Placer
    All Imbued Fires : Thaumic Tinkerer
    All Drawbridges : Tinkers' Mechworks
    Horn of the Wild : Witchery
    Mystic Branch : Witchery
    Earth Former : Blood Magic
    SPAMR Launcher : MineFactory Reloaded
    Arcane Bore Base : Thaumcraft
    Bottled Taint : Thaumcraft
    Matter Cannon : AE2
    ME Formation Plane : AE2
    Bound Pickaxe : Blood Magic
    Bound Axe : Blood Magic
    Both Extra Utilities Filters
    Cyclic Assembler : Thermal Expansion
    All Machinist's Workbenches : Thermal Expansion
    Magnetic Force : Random Things
    Chance Cubes : Chance Cubes
    BattleWrench : Redstone Arsenal
    Crescent Hammer : Thermal Expansion
    Yeta Wrench : Ender IO
    Both Explosive Slimes : Tinkers
    Florb : Thermal Expansion
    Imperfect Ritual Stone : Blood Magic
    Cloud In A Bottle : Chisel
    Ice Bomb : Twilight
    Sun Dial : Draco Evo
    Devnull : Open Blocks
    Market : Harvest Craft
    Last Millennium Portal : Extra Utilities
    Hand Bow : Witchery
    Advanced Item Collector : Random Things
    Timer : Blue Power
    Demon Portal : Blood Magic
    All of MCA : MCA
    Big Button : Open Blocks
    Buster Magazine : Reliquary
    Buster Shot : Reliquary
    Plastic Tank : MineFactory Reloaded
    Cart Dispenser : Railcraft
    Dimension Editor : RFTools
    Dimension Builder : RFTools
    Dimension Enscriber : RFTools
    Dimension Monitor : RFTools
    Builder Block : RFTools
    Item Loader : Railcraft
    Item Unloader : Railcraft
    Adv. Item Loader : Railcraft
    Adv. Item Unloader : Railcraft
    Alchemite : Thaumic Horizons
    Dark Matter Pedestal : ProjectE
    Watch of Flowing Time : ProjectE
    Quarry : Buildcraft
    Soul Chunk Claimer : Sanguimancy
    Red MorningStar : ProjectE
    Temple Caller : Hardcore Ender Expansion
    All Backpacks : Iron Backpacks
    tEMPorAl mULtI-tOoL : Clockwork Phase
    Gravitational Anomaly : Matter Overdrive (You are still able to use them just not place them back down).
    Kikoku : Extra Utilities
    Creatix ( : Open Computers
    Teru Teru Bozu : Botania
    Shard of Laputa : Botania
    Imperfect Ritual Stone : Blood Magic
    Poppet Shelf : Witchery
    Ender Collector : Extra Utilities

    More to possibly be banned and some items may not be on this list that is banned.
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