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    General Information:
    • Minecraft username:
    - Currently “Masta”, but it was “The_Masta12” before I got a name change.

    • Discord username & #:
    - “Masta #4518"

    • Age (must be 16+):
    - 18

    • Timezone:
    - EST (UTC−05:00).

    • List the server(s) and/or network(s) you mainly play on RupticMC:
    - Mostly Augmented Triad (AT), but have been playing a little bit of Crundee Craft (CC) since AT is being reset.

    • Have 48+ hours of playtime (or have rank Experienced)?:
    - Yes, I got 100+ hours in my first month and I have experienced rank (before I got my paid rank)

    • Have OBS (or other recording software)?:
    - Yes, I currently have Fraps and Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) on my computer and experience using both.

    More Information:

    • How active are you on Discord and do you have the app installed onto your computer and phone?:
    - I currently have Discord installed on my phone and on my computer with notifications turned on for the RupticMC discord server. I’m active on Discord daily on my computer after school, or sometimes on my phone during school.

    • Have you ever been banned from a server? If so, why?:
    - I am not banned nor have I ever been on any server what so ever.

    • Why do you want to become a Helper for RupticMC?:
    - I want to become a staff member because while I have some experience being staff on any server, I want to get more experience with the things I enjoy doing. I really enjoyed being staff on past servers, while it was brief, I think I learned many things in that short time. Especially from my most reset staff position on another Modded Minecraft network. And I love playing modpacks and I can’t think of a better way to occupy my free time like being staff on a modded server where I can do something that I really enjoy and something that I love at the same time and being able to help people with the questions or help they might need.

    • Do you have any past server moderation experience?:
    - I was mod a server called Tricore MC (No longer exist). I was also an admin on LumisMC, which no longer exists due to an unfortunate circumstance where It was underfunded. On LumiMC I got most of my experience working on the server, where I built the server from the ground up. By doing all permissions for all ranks alone and everything on the back end of the server, In terms of getting it stable and suitable from the first day it went public. And most recently I was* staff on Nytro Networks, where I was Moderator for the past month, but I, unfortunately, left as a result of all the other staff members being unable to help anyone. We were forced to read off predetermined answers to everyone's questions and I didn’t feel I was truly helping people.

    • How often are you able to be on the server a week?:
    - As often as I can, but it can range from 20 - 40 Hours a week.

    • If you made a mistake, what did you do to fix it?:
    - Firstly I would try to acknowledge my mistake then take responsibility and apologies from my mistakes. Followed by offering up solutions to fix the problem and going with the best suitable for the situation in question.

    • What is your big goal of being a staff member for RupticMC?:
    - My main goal of being a staff member on RupticMC is to firstly have an overall positive impact on the community, by where I improve it a little bit every time I log on to the discord or Minecraft server. Secondly is to help the people in the community who may have inquiries about the discord or the game itself.

    • What is your experience with plugins? Please list the plugins you are most familiar with:
    - In order from most to least knowledgeable: Essentials, Group manager, Word Edit, Permissions EX, Prism, Opis, World Guard, Clear Lagg, No Cheats Plus, Grief Prevention, and Sign Shop.

    Multiple Choice: (highlight or indent the letter you chose)

    1. If someone was spamming server IPs in the chat (first time doing so), what do you do?
    A. Permanently ban the user
    B. Mute the user for 2 months
    C. Mute the user for nearly a couple hours
    D. Leave the server
    2. If you had Owner rank & access to the console & files for example, and the server was crashing, what do you do? (Pick the correct order)
    A. 1. Turn whitelist on 2. Check crash report 3. Fix the crash
    B. 1. Fix the crash 2. Turn whitelist on 3. Check crash report
    C. 1. Check crash report 2. Fix the crash 3. Turn whitelist on
    3. If a player was claimed to be hacking, what do you do?
    A. Ban them immediately
    B. Watch them in /v (vanish)
    C. Ask them if they are hacking
    D. Tell the regular users on the server that that specific user is hacking
    • Anything else we need to know?:
    - I hope you consider me for staff. I have seen this server grow a lot. It almost a year since I first played it and It has grown tremendously. And I’m applying to help that growth even more. It’s such a privilege being able to help such an active server and Discord community succeed and achieve the next milestone in the path to its path to greatness.
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