The Augmented Triad server is OPEN! If there are any problems, please let me know ASAP! Note that there are some things that arent done for example such as the shop! So please be patient for some things :D

For those who are wondering, I will be doing the Rare Key Keyall on 3/3/19 as well and will give a 1 hour notice on Discord!
Our Discord:

You can join using 3 IP addresses! (hub) (direct connection) (direct connection)

Fill out your Past Donation Form here:
We will be performing a reset on the Augmented Triad server this weekend starting between the 25th and the 26th of January. We will also be making many other changes over time:

Augmented Triad Fixes/Changes/Additions:
All Crate Changes [DONE]
Better Shop Items [Over time (this can take forever)]
RFTools Added [DONE]
Progression in ProjectE [DONE]
Recipe for Green Heart Canister [DONE]

Both Servers Fixes/Changes/Additions:
Buffs to Vote Crate [AT: DONE CC: After reset]
Fixed /sethomes for ranks Newbie through Veteran [EDIT: Can't be done unless fixed by new rank system]
Add Developer, Builder, Sr.Mod, Sr.Admin, Helper+, YouTube, and Twitch Ranks [DONE]
Edit Rank Colors (maybe) [Unsure when]
More Crates [AT: Semi-Done CC: After reset]
Linked play time accumulation on both servers. [DONE]
Linked server ranks (would link to all future servers) [DONE]
More abilities/rewards to Trusted through Veteran ranks [DONE]
New ban user plugin (links to all servers including future servers) [DONE]
Better claiming plugin [AT: DONE CC: After reset]
Better ban item plugin [Semi-Done]
Vote Parties [AT: DONE CC: DONE]
Better Tablist [DONE]
Bungeecord Voting [Soon]
MCA Added Back [AT: DONE CC: After reset]
Working AutoRank Plugin [WIP]

General Additions:
Hub Server [DONE]
Staff Applications website page [In Forums]
Bans website page [DONE]

This is our new and redesigned website! We will be adding things slowly but surely. Please be patient with all the ban lists and other info! Thank you!