CrundeeCraft Reset (May)

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We are performing a reset on the CrundeeCraft server NOW (5/22/20). We are making changes to multiple things on the server! Most of the changes will be updated on the AT announcement below!

As a reminder on some of the things we are changing/adding:

  • Some Store Additions
  • Changing Crates A Bit Based On Community Reply
  • Larger Admin/Server Shop?
  • And Maybe More
Please be patient as times are getting crunched in a such short amount of time. The server is expected to be up within 3+ weeks but we will try our best to get the server up ASAP! If you are still wanting to play on our network, you can play on our Augmented Triad server @ or on our Survival server @ You can also join our Discord channel HERE for ALL updates regarding the reset and more!

An Update On Our Network

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We have decided to split up our network in a way that some IP addresses have changed. Please read carefully so you do not have any problems joining our servers.

If you want to join our 1.7.10 modded servers from the lobby server, you NEED to use Yes, you can use this for using 1.8+ if you are running vanilla.

If you want to join our 1.12 modded servers from the lobby server, you NEED to use Same with this one, you can use this IP if you are also using 1.8+ running vanilla.

Our current list of all of our active servers.

Hub/Lobby Servers:
Hub/Lobby (1.8+ modded and vanilla):

Augmented Triad Server Is Open! (1/7/20)

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Augmented Triad is now open! If you would like to request the items you have bought, please request anything that you have purchased BEFORE 12/10/19! Go here and fill this form out: FORM

Not much has changed! Also, please bare with us updating the donation website when it comes to the crates! You can view all the items in-game.

IP Addresses: -OR- -OR-

Crundee Craft Server Is OPEN! (9/8/19)

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The Crundee Craft server is OPEN! If there are any problems, please let me know ASAP! Note that there are some things that aren't done for example such as the shop! So please be patient for some things :D

For those who are wondering, I will be doing the Rare Key Keyall on 9/10/19 as well and will give a 1 hour notice on Discord! We will also be having a 25% off sale for y'all soon!
Our Discord:

You can join using 2 IP addresses! (hub) (direct connection)

Fill out your Past Donation Form here:

Welcome To The New Website!

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This is our new and redesigned website! We will be adding things slowly but surely. Please be patient with all the ban lists and other info! Thank you!